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WSIB Coverage

WSIB Coverage

Diagnosis and treatment of work-related injuries is one of our main focus at our clinic. We work closely with clients who are supported by WSIB in order to help them recover from the effects of their injuries.

For example, when psychological assessment indicates that a diagnosis of a psychotraumatic disability/impairment is attributable to a work-related injury or a condition resulting from a work-related injury, entitlement is granted providing the psychotraumatic disability/impairment became manifest within 5 years of the injury.

As a result of their work-related injuries, the person’s daily functioning is often affected, with limitations both in the occupational and personal/social domains.

Episodes of anxiety, depression, irritability, changes of mood and uncontrolled outbursts of temper, excessive fear of re-injury, social withdrawal, alcohol abuse, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate,   etc., are a clear indication of psychological affectation that requires proper assessment.

Following proper psychological assessment, treatment is then delivered in order to help the worker return to as much of his/her pre-injury functioning as possible.