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When Divorce Breaks Your Heart…

When Divorce Breaks Your Heart…

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Like if we needed more reminders of how important is to work on making your relationship functional: A recent article suggests that being divorced can have quite detrimental effects on your health. In a study published in the scientific journal Circulation, over 15,000 people were followed between the years of 1992 and 2010 and the findings are quite impressive showing that women, in particular, were 24% more likely to suffer a heart attack if they had been divorced at least once. If they had been divorced more than once, the risk of having a heart attack increased by 77%!

Men, on the other hand, seemed to fare better with only a 10% increase in heart attacks for those who had been divorced once and 30% increase for those who had had more than one divorce.   

In terms of new relationships, the study indicates that even if they remarried, women’s risk only improved in a small measure whereas men’s improvement was a lot more significant.