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About Dr. Hugo

About Dr. Hugo

Dr. Hugo Stevenson has been working in Mental Health for the past 15 years both as a therapist and a clinical supervisor.


Dr. Stevenson is a warm and friendly psychologist who makes conversation flow in an easy manner. Clients who suffer from anxiety or who have never seen a psychologist before commonly offer the feedback of “how easy it was to talk to you” right after their first session.

Dr. Stevenson approaches his clinical work as a dialogue and steers away from any kind of therapeutic posturing that may be seen as intimidating to a vulnerable client.

Dr. Stevenson is a caring and compassionate clinician who focuses on engagement and support in his work.


Dr. Stevenson has a vested interest in the integration of psychotherapeutic modalities.

Dr. Stevenson’s Master’s Thesis was devoted to the integration of Cognitive Psychology and Psychoanalysis (Title “Cognitive Psychology: A Lingua Franca for Psychoanalysis”). In it, he explored how cognitive models could be used to update the way psychoanalytic concepts are presented.

Dr. Stevenson’s doctoral dissertation (“Evolution of American Psychoanalysis: Changing Realities, Changing Techniques”) explored how psychoanalysis has evolved over the past 50 years in order to incorporate psychological research in the areas of attachment theory and cognitive psychology.

Given his background, Dr. Stevenson has multiple tools in his therapeutic tool-kit, and is equally confident applying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles, the Solution-Focused Approach, Family Systems techniques, harm-reduction strategies, psychodynamic interventions, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness strategies, and EMDR techniques.

The Therapeutic Process

Dr. Stevenson’s clinical background and solution-focused approach means the therapeutic process begins with discussing with the clients their behaviours, thoughts, and feelings in order to determine the therapeutic approach with the greatest chance of helping them make the type of changes they seek to make in their lives.

Dr. Hugo Stevenson’s areas of expertise includes couples and relationship therapy, conflict in the workplace, treatment of depression and anxiety, and the management of persistent mental illness.

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